Open Day 2019 Sunday 26th May

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Update Sunday 26th May
We will be pleased to see visitors even though the weather is not looking very good.
Due to the forecast low cloudbase we will be unable to provide aerotows, but winch launches will be available if the cloudbase rises enough.

Why come to our Open Day?
We simply want to share with you our love for unpowered flight.
Experience the joy of silent soaring
Discover how easy it is to become a pilot yourself.
Hear about the amazing things that gliders can do.
Understand the incredible things that glider plots achieve
Meet our members and learn why they’re passionate about gliding…

The joy of flight (of course)
Discovering our beautiful countryside from the air.
Making new friends.
Learning new skills.
Helping others to learn and develop.
Becoming part of a friendly and supportive community.

Discover how affordable, stimulating and eco-friendly gliding can be.

We hope perhaps you’ll decide to join us and share in the fun.

What will happen on the day?
We’ll talk with you about gliding.

You’ll decide whether to take a flight with us on the day.

If so we’ll book you a slot for a two-seater flight with a qualified instructor.

You’ll be fully briefed on what to expect and how to get the most out of the experience.

During the flight you’ll have the opportunity to take the controls under careful supervision.

We’ll bring you safely back to a gentle landing on our airfield from where you started.

We’ll supply you with a month’s membership to return and fly again as a member.

If you decide you’d like to join on the day we have some special deals for you.

You’ll leave with an insight into our fantastic sport and how you could join us.

What do you need to do?
Get yourself to the airfield any time from 08.30. We can’t know when people will arrive. We may run out of flying slots later in the day if lots of people visit.

Bring family and friends. There will be lots to see, food and refreshments and places to sit. Bring a picnic if you wish. Dogs must be kept on leads.

We’re on a hill top site above Kingston Deverill. Get to the Church and signposts will lead you to the airfield. BA12 7HF gets you close but follow the signs!

Park in the designated area. Someone will meet you and escort you to the booking-in area at the hangar.

Decide if you’d like to take a flight, and if so which launch method to choose. We’d strongly recommend an aerotow for the most satisfying experience.

You’ll be briefed, weighed and given information about your flight. There’s no exam! (Our operational limits are that we can’t fly anyone over 16 stone (102Kg) or under 7 stone (44.5 Kg), or under 13 years of age. You’ll need to be physically able to get up from a seated position on the ground unaided.)

You’ll be taken to the launch area in good time for your flight and introduced to your instructor. Listen and enjoy.

Enjoy the flight in whatever way you’d prefer. You don’t have to take the controls but will be expertly shown what to do if you’d like to try.

After the flight make sure you collect your membership voucher.

Talk with our members about their experiences of gliding.

If you think you’d like to do some more, talk to us and we’ll help you to do so.

Tell your friends and family what a lovely experience you had!


Open Day
The aim of the day is to introduce potential new members to the club and to give trial flights. We will have two-seater training gliders available to give trial flights to visitors. Club members will be on hand to discuss any membership questions you might have.
Our Cadet membership list though is fully subscribed, but Junior and adult membership is still available for those over age 18.

Flights with a club member BGA instructor will be at the reduced Open Day price of £69 for an aerotow to 2000ft, or £49 for a winch launch. Both include 30 days full club membership which allows you to start training at club member rates. If there is availability on the Open Day this allows you to take a second flight from a winch launch for £9.44 plus 41p per minute flying.

Membership offer
If you decide to join within 30 days of the Open Day flight, we have a membership offer of £199 for the rest of the club year to the end of February, but is only available for the first six people joining. This is equivalent to two free months membership.

Flight information
More detail on trial flights is on this page

Flight Booking
Our new flight booking system allows you to book your training sessions and so manage your leisure time in an efficient way. There is no charge for the instructing, just the launch fee and flying charge.

Gliding Club Membership
One of the features of gliding is that it in addition to learning how to fly and soar, it opens up a new world where you can participate as part of a team in a vast range of activities, from helping to run the airfield, maintaining aircraft or even learning how to become an instructor.

Take a look at the videos of how a club works