Membership charges from 1/3/19

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Full £356.00
Family £534.00
Junior £178.00
Cadet* £119.00
Daily Flying £10.00
Associate per year £27.50
Trailer fee per year £183.00
*Cadet membership is limited in numbers. Please contact the secretary for advice on your membership application

Member launch fees

Winch £9.44
Aerotow 1000 feet £18.20
Aerotow 2000 feet £33.00

Aircraft hire per hour

Two seater £24.60
Single seaters £21.00
Venture motorglider £59.00
Tug £168.00

Juniors and Cadets

Winch launches and soaring are at 75% of the full rate
Instructional aerotow launches are 75% of the full rate. Others are at standard rate

We are a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)
If our standard charges present a problem to people on low income, the Club Committee will consider applications for assistance from club members or potential members

Full list of all charges from 1/3/19

Trial flight charges up to 28/2/19