Visitor Charges 2019

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Trial Flights

Aerotow 2000 feet £92
Aerotow 3000 feet £126
Aerotow 1 Mile (above sea level) £172
Groups of 10+ winch £36.00
Groups of 10+ aerotow £70.00
Groups of 10+ junior winch £24.00
Reciprocal - up to 5 days per year £0.00
Payments when at the club can only be by cash or cheque please. We are unable to accept cards.

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Trial Flights

Trial flights entitle the member to one flight.
They may have further flights at normal club rates on that day. They include 30 days full club membership, valid from the date of the trial flight. Groups on the reduced prices for 10+ do not receive the 30 day membership.

New members
Members joining during the year pay a reduced subscription in proportion to the number of months remaining in the membership year - i.e. joining in the June, 9 months of an annual sub is payable. The year runs from 1st March.

Mile High flight
The "1 mile" flight is to 5280 feet above sea level, which is 4600 feet above airfield level.