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How much does trial lesson cost? Aerotow 2000 feet £92
Aerotow 3000 feet £126
Aerotow 1 mile £172 (= 4600 feet above airfield level)

What do I get? An aerotow is a tow to heights between 2000 and 4600 feet, behind a tow plane. Flights typically from 2000ft last around 15 minutes and depending on weather conditions on the day it may be a little shorter or longer. If it's possible to soar they are limited to 30 minutes for the 2000 feet tow and 60 minutes for the 4600 feet flight.

A one month full club membership is included with trial flights which allows you to come back and try gliding at normal flying member rates.

How long do the vouchers last? Trial flight vouchers are valid for 12 months, and are non refundable.

What clothing? The airfield is on top of a small ridge and as with all airfields it can be cold, even on bright sunny days. We advise you to bring something warm to compensate. Please wear casual comfortable clothing. Several thin layers are probably better than one

When is the best time to try gliding? Almost anytime, and probably not always on the days
you may have thought of as best. You don't need a hot summer's day to have a good flight as these days are often hazy and the club can be busy with members and visitors. In fact spring, autumn and winter days with clear cool air can often give some of the best conditions for a good scenic flight and increase the chance of some thermals to give a soaring flight.

How safe is it? Gliding is one of the safest sports but it is an adventure sport so we endeavor to do all we can to prevent accident or injury.
More information is on this safety page.

How do I go about it? Please and we will book you a day and approximate time.

How do I buy a voucher? Go to the online payment page and pay with a card or download a form and send us a cheque.

Can I learn to fly? Yes, almost certainly, within weight restrictions. If you think flying could be for you why not join the club? We specialise in training people of all ages all the way from an initial flight up to cross country soaring and advanced gliding

How do I find you? Please see the location maps

Further information required? Contact the secretary