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Gliding is an adventure sport and safety is our top priority

We endeavor to do all we can to prevent accident or injury

The CFI has overall responsibility for all flying activities

The Safety Officer has an overview and advises the CFI and Chairman regarding safety matters at the club or on the airfield

Safety on the ground

You should be aware of the following safety points when arriving at the airfield

  • Do not take your vehicle or go onto the airfield without obtaining directions from a club member

  • Gliders and aircraft can land from any direction and gliders are silent. Keep a good lookout in all directions

  • The tow plane tows a long rope

  • Propellers are dangerous. A moving propeller is almost invisible but lethal. A stationary propeller could move by itself at any time. Never go anywhere near a powered aircraft on the ground

  • The winch cable runs from the winch at one of the field to the launch point at the other and is attached to a very powerful engine. This cable drops rapidly from the glider after a launch. Keep well clear of cables.

  • Never stand in front of a glider that is about to be launched
Safety in the air

On trial flights, as with all flying, safety is our top priority. We do all we can to minimise risks and it is important that you help us with this.

  • Your instructor will show you before you get in to the glider where you can safely put your hands and feet

  • You will be wearing a parachute so that in an emergency you can to exit the glider in the air. This not because gliders are inherently dangerous but there have been rare cases which have necessitated their use

  • Keep a good lookout at all times when in the air for other gliders and aircraft. Your instructor will be keeping a good lookout but will value your help

  • Make sure your straps are tight and secure for take off and landing

  • In the air your instructor will show you which controls you can use and will explain a procedure for describing who is operating the controls at any time

  • If you have any questions before or during your flight please ask your instructor