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Cloud Flying Endordsement
We are now able to test and/or renew for the BGA Cloud Flying Endorsement. Please contact Stuart or Mike Jenks.

The vario upgrade is now nearly complete. A basic guide is here, and a full one from this link.

8.33 Frequencies
The gliding frequencies have changed to 8.33kHz spacing.
These are the new frequencies. Four more gliding frequencies will be announced on June 19th. 129.900 is now 129.905
129.975 is now 129.980
130.100 is now 130.105
130.125 is now 130.130
130.400 is now 130.405
Club flying reports are now published on the BWND Blog. Please register and contribute. Registering will give you automatic email updates of new information.
RSS feed for this site
The Home Fees program gives you your flying account information, plus all your flying, including instruction and passenger flights.
This program is likely to be more up to date than the clubhouse computer fees program.
Home Fees program

BACS payments
If you make a BACS payment to your flying account. Chris needs to be notified by email. Without that information he will not know about the transfer and your flying account will not be credited.
BWND Safety reporting
Please report all safety related issues that do not qualify for mandatory BGA reporting using the links below:
Online form
Paper form
All are studied and acted on by the safety team.
Aircraft availability
yesKAN Puchacz
yesFUY Puchacz
noVN Puchacz - Annual
yesEZE Grob G103    Flight manual
noLPM Astir - Annual
yesJKW Astir
yesBNH K6
noPawnee - Probably until around early April
Two Seater Instructor Bookings
Try the program at this link
Any bookings are not for real until after March 28th
Rotas are here including the Flying Weeks 2019
Instructions Rotas are on Google Sheets where anyone can view the documents. To edit the rota you need to be logged into a Google account, but there is no need to create a Gmail address as you can log in to Google with any email address.

Use this link to register with Google without having to create a Gmail address

Members who have made a swap can you please enter the changes online.

During the period from November to February inclusive, the winch driver changes over at 1PM, In the summer it's at 2PM.

Once the list is published it's your responsibility to arrange a replacement. Contact details are available below.
Contact details
Member contact details are here
Instructions The list of details is only viewable by club members who have been given access to the file by the webmaster. If you would like to be given permission, please click on the link above and follow the instructions.
You will need to be logged into a Google account to do this.
Committee minutes
Committee minutes are here
Access limited to club members only
Instructions As with the rotas and contact details you need to log on to Google and get permission from the administrator to view.
Minutes have to approved at the subsequent meeting so are published about 6 weeks after the particular meeting.
Confidential items have been redacted from the minutes.
Flying calendar 2019
Flying Weeks
List for volunteer instructors/tug pilots/winch drivers

April 22nd
May 20th
June 17th - XC coaching week
July 8th - Task week
July 29th - Development week
August 19th

Portmoak Expedition - May 4th to 11th
Open Day - Sunday May 26th
Friends and Family Day - Friday August 9th

Events 2019
Safety and Trophy Presentation Evening - April 6th
AGM - April 27th