Learning to fly


New Members
New members are always very welcome. If you are interested in flying, come along and have a chat. Take a trial flight if you wish, or join the club. We would be happy for you to just drop in on any flying day. Gliding will probably surprise you as not being as expensive as you thought.


Gliding training is organised under the supervision of the British Gliding Association. Almost anyone can learn to glide. You can start from age 13. There is no top age limit and you can go solo as young as 14. There are weight restrictions on the club two seaters.

Instruction is available every weekend, Bank Holiday and often on a Wednesday. There is no charge for instruction as the instructors are all club members giving their time for free. The only cost on top of annual membership is the launch and soaring charge.
If you have never flown in a glider before and want to find out what flying one is like come along for a trial flight in a two seater glider.


Cadet and Junior membership
Reduced price membership, with lower launch and soaring charges are available to younger members. Cadets are those between 14 and 18 and Juniors are under 21, or under 25 in full time education