Visiting pilots

Field landing and navigation training and testing available in a Venture motorglider

Pilots from other clubs are very welcome to come and fly at The Park

If you bring your glider you may require a site briefing or a site check

If you wish to fly one of our single seaters you will be required to:
  • Have a very thorough check out to the level we would require for a new member

  • To provide a copy of your valid medical

  • Have your up to date logbook with you

  • Provide documentary evidence of badges claimed

  • We do not allow visitors to fly our two seaters P1

  • Please read the Order Book information on the links page

  • Airfield plate

  • Full briefing document

Please note the following:

  • Powered aircraft, except for motorgliders, are not permitted

  • Winch cables run the length of the field and well into the field

  • Powered aircraft must avoid the Powered aircraft No Fly Zone on arrival and departure

  • Airfield frequency is 133.565

  • Please note that we cannot give permission to military or civilian aircraft to use the airfield for landing or circuits

  • No fuel is available for visiting aircraft due to licensing and insurance reasons