Trial Flights

Flight options
All trial flights are by aerotow, which is a tow behind a powered aircraft.

Aerotow to 2000 ft £120
Aerotow to 3000 ft £165
Aerotow to “1 Mile High” (4600ft above airfield) £225

All of these include 90 days full club membership, enabling the recipient to fly at club member rates, either by winch or aerotow launch.

The vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date of issue. They are purchased through this website and paid for on line using PayPal or a card. They make ideal gifts.

Which height is best?
The 2000ft tow will generally allow soaring if there are thermals, but is a relatively short flight if it is just a glide down from the tow.

The 3000ft tow gives a longer flight if the conditions do not allow soaring, but almost guarantees soaring if that is possible.

The Mile High flight will almost always give a half hour flight even without any thermals and allows plenty of time to settle into the flight.

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red triangle If you have purchased a voucher and would like to book, or need further information please contact Trial Flights Bookings by email.

Flights are available any weekend or Bank Holiday. All visitors, both those with or without a voucher, wishing to take a flight please contact the Trial Flights administrator for a flight booking.



What do you get?
After a pre-flight briefing, you will be towed up to the designated height by a powered aircraft. Weather conditions will dictate how long the flight lasts, but if we can extend it using thermals we will do so. As a guide a 2000 ft aerotow about 15 minutes, 3000 ft about 20 minutes, and Mile High 25 to 30 minutes.

What happens on the flight?
Your pilot will explain to you what is happening on the flight and you will have time to enjoy the views and see how a glider is flown.
Trial Flight Briefing.

When can I fly?
Flying is available every weekend and bank holiday throughout the year.

Weight limits
To ensure we are able to fly you within the loading limits of the glider there are weight limits in the club two seaters.
Minimum weight 98lbs (7 stone/44.5Kg) Maximum weight 224lbs (16 stone/102Kg)
If you are over 15 stone you should contact the club beforehand to check availability of instructors.

Age limits
The minimum age is 13 but there is no upper age limit.

Car insurance
Most policies exclude liability when airside on an airfield. Your insurance company may consider the whole site to be airside

Voucher purchase
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